In Memory…

Our Beloved Teachers who have passed:
In Memory: Gabriele “Shuchi” Phipps-Catamas
In Memory: Robert Frey, M.A.
In Memory: Larry Becker
In Memory: Rainbowheart

In Memory of  Gabriele “Shuchi” Phipps-Catamas
July 29, 1959 – November 29, 2011

~ Certified Watsu Instructor
~ Certified Watsu and Massage Therapist

Gabriele began studying Watsu and Massage at Harbin Hot Springs in 1988 with Harold Dull the creator of Watsu and returned in 1993 to continue her studies, adding different modalities and styles of teachers at Harbin. She was a Watsu therapist and instructor.

Over the years she had been part of over 1500 hrs. of classes in Harbin Hot Springs, both as a student and an assistant and has been the staff Aquatic Bodyworker during workshops in Harbin.

Gabriele Shuchi’s sessions were filled with with graceful movements to deeply nurture one’s sense of completeness and harmony with existence. She integrated stretching, Massage and Shiatsu, as well as poetic movements and moments of flowing silence.

“Receiving a session you will feel deeply relaxed, rejuvenated and experience an increased awareness and flexibility in body, mind and soul.”

“Gabriele is a superb artist, an inspired Watsuer- no doubt.”

Gabriele Shuchi had a rich background in various therapies. Born in Germany, she began traveling in her teens and explored the mysteries of India, where she exposed herself to the Eastern and Western approach to Meditation and healing modalities.

In the last 20 years she experienced the works of:

• Osho • Arjana Brunswiler
• Poonjaji • Alexander Georgeakopoulos
• Paul Lowe • Jahara
• Alan Cohen • Minakshi
• Gabriele Roth
• Harold Dull

and participated in:

• Zen Meditation • Nonviolent Communication
• Mystic Rose • Awakening the Goddess
• Tantra • Reiki
• Primal Therapy • Massage
• Neo Reichian Breathwork • Watsu
• Tibetan Healing Intensive
• Miracle of Love Intensive

She combined her practice as a Aquatic & Massage Therapist and her passion of guiding visitors through the natural wonders and cities of the Western USA.  She traveled with and accompanied groups throughout the year.

Her love for dancing, nurturing and love for tender healing brought her to understand the healing powers of Aquatic Bodytherapy. Her deeply poetic soul expressed the beauty of movement in water, in holding another human being to guide and allow a profound sense of peace and oneness with existence.

In Memory of Robert Frey, MA
March 2, 1946 – June 15, 2004

Robert Frey, MA, was an exceptional group leader, therapist, psychic and author with twenty-five years of extensive background in Tantra, holistic health, hypnosis, counseling, relationship work, rebirthing, bodywork, psychic healing, Tai Chi, vision quest and shamanism.

Robert created many inspirational songs and Sufi circle dances and produced five albums, including the CD “Opening to Love”. He is the on-camera host on the best-selling video “Ancient Secrets of Sexual Ecstasy”. He drew from Hindu, Tibetan, Kriya, Taoist Chinese, Sufi, Western Psychology, and Breathwork. He led hundreds of events, seminars, and retreats and presented at conferences.

Robert was a naturally gifted healer, counselor, and coach facilitating powerful healing sessions for individuals and couples in person and via phone sessions. He was known for his special ability to create safety and a loving, spiritual atmosphere for clients and students while inviting and guiding them through limiting blind spots into clarity, self-esteem, relationship harmony, and personal power. His sessions and classes have permanently enhanced thousands of lives.