What is Tantra?

by Lori Grace Star, M.A. (Psych)

Tantra comes from the Sanskrit word meaning “to weave.” It is a spiritual path, whose origins began about 5,000 years ago in southern India and which then was taken to many other countries, like Tibet, China, Japan, Persia and other places in the Middle East. Weaving in Tantra refers to a kind of spiritual enlightenment which comes from weaving the parts of oneself together (personal integration), weaving together with an intimate partner (sexual Tantra), connecting with community and ultimately, uniting with the Spirit of God.

In America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, sexual Tantra has been given particular focus because of Tantra’s embracing attitude towards sexuality. Tantra provides a particularly healing approach to sexuality because sexual energy is viewed as a sacred force to help a person attain spiritual enlightenment. Intimate relationships are also seen as providing a real opportunity to be one with God.

Sexual Energetics is the art of liberating one’s body from body armor so that a person can experience the free flow of sexual energy and be able to have some of the experiences of extended pleasure and deep connection available to Tantric lovers. In traditional Tantric practice, lovemaking may sometimes last over two hours in length and can involve ecstatic sexual experiences like extended and multiple orgasm for women and extended and multiple orgasm without ejaculation for men. To liberate one’s body, a person needs to become aware of ways in which they are holding and then learn new ways of breathing and of moving or relaxing their bodies that will allow them to feel the full extent of their sexual energy and have much greater choice about how their sexual experience plays out.

Communication is also a very important factor in two people finding true sexual compatibility. In our
classes, this is one of the first things that we focus upon. I have studied four different systems of
communication. Of all the ones that I have studied during the last ten years, I have found
Nonviolent Communication™, AKA Compassioante Communication, a system developed by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D., the most powerful and efficient.

Here are some questions to keep in mind. They are offered to you simply as possible topic areas to ask about. Consider joining us at an Evening Introduction to All-Embracing Tantra™ and Sexual Energetics™.

Why are many men and women attracted to the practice of Tantra?

What drew you, Lori, into the practice of Tantra?

Why did you develop Sexual Energetics? In what ways have you found it useful as an adjunct in the teaching of Tantra?

What are some of the benefits of Tantric and Sexual Energetic practice?

Can you give us an example of a Tantric practice?

How is the sacred brought into Tantric sexual practice?

What need does this seem to satisfy for couples?

What do you actually do in Sexual Energetics?

How do you integrate Sexual Energetics into lovemaking?

I understand that releasing of body blocks is an important part of liberating sexual flow throughout the body. Can you give us an example?

Can Tantra be helpful to people who have experienced sexual trauma?

In what other ways is Tantric healing such as with a couple?

Can Tantra and Sexual Energetics help men with erection problems or women who have difficulty
attaining orgasm? especially in intercourse?

Please give us some idea of the history of Tantra.

How has Tantra evolved in the West in the 20th century? What do you see as the next steps in the
evolution of Western Tantra?

Why did you choose as a Tantra teacher to get involved so extensively in the study of verbal communication?

What is Compassionate Communication and how is it related to Tantra?

Can you give us an example of how the language of a Compassionate Communication can create greater ease in a relationship?

Tantra, Sexual Energetics, and Compassionate Communication, in what ways are these subjects taught at your organization, Celebrations of Love?