Tantra is about energy and consciousness

by Carla Tara

This brief explanation of Tantra is for those whose time is limited and who want straight-forward information, avoiding sometimes confusing language. I hope it will inspire you to go deeper into Tantra if this approach to life is for you. Personal experience and living your life tantrically is the best way to know tantra.

Tantra is about energy and consciousness. It teaches us to become aware of the energy that surrounds us, and is within us. We can learn to use it and expand it to achieve a myriad of positive results, such as improved health, sexual bliss, physical rejuvenation, and spiritual enlightenment.

Tantra is a positive attitude toward all of life, including our sexuality, which might have been affected by negative propaganda as we were growing up. Tantra teaches us that sex can be much more than a short-lived orgasmic pleasure relegated only to the sexual organs. Tantric sex can produce hours of ecstasy, while simultaneously improving our overall health and vigor at any age.

When we all feel the stress of the computer age, which was supposed to save us time (remember?), we can appreciate more than ever a system that teaches us to achieve greater relaxation in a shorter time. Tantra brings a replenishment of our physical energy, a deepening of our emotional connection, and an opening up into the spiritual realm that puts our lives into a more realistic perspective.

Tantra covers so much that it can be very confusing to the beginning student. Tantra is an art, a science, a way of life that is honest and courageous. It includes our sexuality and in fact, faces it squarely while teaching us how to use it maturely. Sexual energy — this awesome force that some religions fear and want to suppress — can instead be used to help us reach our highest potential of pleasure, leading to union with the divine.

Tantra is for courageous people-leaders, visionaries, trail blazers who are willing to look at life openly and intelligently, drawing their own conclusions about what works in their lives. It does not require listening to any Tantric authority, or following any dogmas. Tantra is not a religion and it has no dogmas.

Tantra gives us information about what works for many practitioners, and it invites us to try it for ourselves. It encourages us to discover our greatest creative potential for pleasure. It gives us the ability to connect with our innercore, with our lovers, with all the natural elements that surround us, and with the spirit that we all share.

To achieve this, it offers a series of exercises to strengthen our ability to focus in a relaxed way on what we experience. We learn to breathe deeply and fully, both in a relaxed wave-like motion and in a controlled fashion, to achieve different results. Tantra teaches us to tone and expand our energy with specific sound vibrations, and to strengthen our love muscles (the PC muscles). In that way we can delay ejaculation for as long as we desire, and achieve multiple full-body orgasms. Many tantric techniques are geared to train the mind to let go of specific goals, and to stay focused in the moment. This helps us tune out self-doubting or criticizing thoughts, which usually dampen or squelch our sexuality. More advanced Tantra practices include concentration on certain symbols representing the energy centers of the body.

Many suggested exercises help to clear blocks interfering with the unencumbered movement of energy, which is necessary to achieve the highest ecstatic state. It creates in the mind a wonderful altered state of bliss, which can open new brain cells and generate new connections within the brain. This results in making our lives more fulfilling and expanded in all areas: physical rejuvenation, sexual mastery, greater intimacy, financial success, and many more.

Tantra guides us to achieve a state of blissful orgasmic pleasure, and power that goes way beyond the short-lived genital orgasm that many are accustomed to. When the body is completely orgasmic from head to toe, this expanded pleasure spills over into the area beyond the body. This brings us toward states of transcendence of our every-day self-identification to experience our true wider reality. When sex, love and the spirit meet, that union creates fireworks in our brain as a celebration of the merging of consciousness and energy.

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