Tantra/Sacred Sexuality/Relationships
What is Tantra? by Lori Grace Star
What is Tantra? by Carla Tara
Tantra Has Many Forms by William Pennell Rock, PhD
Tantra: Sacred Path of Ecstasy by Jillian O’Hara
Thoughts on Polyamory by Robert Frey, MA

Compassionate Communication/Nonviolent Communication
Introduction to Compassionate Communication by Lori Grace Star View Video
Communicating With Your Child Using Compassionate Communication by Lori Grace Star

Tantra and Sacred Sexuality
Lori Grace and Michael Pooley Introduce their daylong Tantra workshop.

Workshop Locations
Celebrations of Love Office — our offices in Corte Madera, California.

Our Friends and Associates
Carla Tara Tantra in New York
Francesca Gentillé Life Dance Center View Video
Ed Elllsworth Enlightened Films Visit Site
Kelly Bryson Language of Compassion View Video
Patti Taylor Expanded Love Making
Evalena Rose Women’s and Men and Women’s Sacred Sexuality
Sophia Songhealer
In Memory: Robert Frey Sacred Tantra
In Memory: Larry Becker COL Board Member
In Memory: Rainbowheart AquaDanse View Video

NVC – Nonviolent Communication (Compassionate Communication)
Bay Area Nonviolent Communication
Center for Nonviolent Communication NVC Testimonials Video Link
Marshall Rosenberg NonViolent Communications: A Language of Compassion Read Chapter

Organizations, Festivals, Expos & Events We Support and/or Sponsor
Harmony Festival
International Forgiveness Day / Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance
New Living Expo

SF Green Festival

The Sustainable World Symposium & Festival
Wisdom Festival