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Celebrations of Love

Celebrations of Love was established to provide education via workshops and special events to teach and promote ways for couples and single individuals to learn powerful relationship skills in a manner that can be applied to today’s lifestyles. More recently we have embraced the practice and teaching of Nonviolent Communication™, also known as Compassionate Communication, […]


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Our entire staff team is trained in Compassionate Communication. Most have been practitioners and teachers of tantra for more than 20 years. We provide safe, sacred space for our students and clients to explore the world of sacred sexuality, while emphasizing that sex is one of many facets in the realm of All-Embracing Tantra. Our […]



Upcoming Events Adventurous Loving with Secure Attachment ~ for Those Who Value Commitment & Safety Do you ever feel that you need to choose between your Wild Side and your Commitments? Have you ever longed to adventure into sex or relationships while staying connected to yourself and/or your partner? This is for you! Learn and […]